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  • Oct 8, 2020 - ***short installment, -- but it's something! I will be posting the next chapter by next weekend!!*** Their footfalls were quick and quiet, but eventually stopped outside of the library, where Luna pulled at the overflowing book bag that hung over her shoulder. She yanked at a soft material inside, and pulled out a lar…
  • Healing Heart Draco x Reader Mini-Series PART 3 PART 1 PART 2. Summary: PART 3 ! of Draco accidentally falling in love with reader during his sixth year (HBP) and finally allowing the relationship to blossom! Warnings: just the tiniest bit of angst, crying (ofc), Draco sad for a little :(Words: 7.3K (THIS IS SO LONG OMG BUT MEMORIES IN ITALICS)
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  • Nervous (Draco Malfoy x reader– drabble)A/N: i know that the last prompt is supposed to be a smut one but i didn’t want this to be rlly long bc i have several draco smut prompts in my inbox rn lol 23-...
  • The primary purpose of this community is to host the Harry/Draco Big Bang. We will be hosting a traditional style Big Bang for the Harry/Draco pairing in I.e. if you were to never publish the sequel, or if somebody didn't read the sequel, your HDBB fic should still be a complete work in and of itself and...
  • Paring: Draco Malfoy/Reader. Tags: gender neutral reader, no pronouns for reader, alternate universe - modern setting, alternate universe - modern: no powers, alternate universe - lawyers, good Draco Malfoy, Draco Malfoy in the Muggle world, redeemed Draco Malfoy, carnival, Ferris Wheels, tooth-rotting fluff, marriage proposal
  • Changing Rooms (Draco x Reader). Request: hello there! I'd like to request a fun, little make out session with Draco only minutes before his Quidditch match! The team captain notices that Draco is missing and sends poor Blaise to go after him and awkwardly separate the lovey couple!
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  • Pinned Post draco x reader draco malfoy draco malfoy imagines draco lucius malfoy draco malfoy x reader draco malfoy imagine draco malfoy fanfiction This is a tumblr hug (if you ... I was wondering if u could do a draco x reader where he brings her to his house and his parents dont give her a room...
  • "No worries, it was nice she did call. I've been telling my class about you and D/N, they're excited to meet you two". Then you spoke to the class for 10 minutes, answering all their questions. Even D/N spoke to them too, she killed them with her cuteness.
  • Action Fanfiction Romance Harry Potter Malfoy Draco Malfoy X Reader ...Draco Malfoy Angst Hogwarts. Treat me like a Queen, Draco, and I'll treat [FINISHED] I'm doing "Harry Potter character X Reader" stories. I already have some ideas, but please request in the comments if you'd like a story.
  • Originally posted by real-slytherin-headgirl. Pairings: Draco Malfoy x Reader Request: Can you do a draco x fem reader where in Divinations or something they do like a “soulmate spell” and they can see their soulmates a glimpses of their future with them and reader a draco see each other and like her having a baby, them going on trips and growing old together.
  • Oikawa X Reader Fluff
  • Pairings: Draco x reader Taglist: @amurderofcrowsinatrenchcoat @potatothingsz @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch Summary: you and draco are in a secret relationship but you both find out that both of you have a arranged marriage but too who
  • {Draco Malfoy x reader} Author’s Note: I tried, but i’m absolutly crazy for christmas so you all better prepare for tons of christmas posts, until is actually christmas. Warnings: The word Christmas appears MANY times.
  • This is an AU interpretation of this character , written by Rebekah Sherman and is available here. "You want honesty father? Fine. Because you are not worth the air she breathes. Because she is worth a hundred of you.
  • Request: Draco x reader. Draco finds out that his girlfriend is being abused by her muggle step-father. When he recuses her he finds out she spends most of her time locked up, and realises why she won’t let any other man touch her but himself. Key: Y/N - Your Name, Y/L/N - Your Last Name. The Story: Y/N walked into her compartment, zoned out.
  • Pairing: Fred x fem!reader, George x fem!reader(platonic) Requested: can you do another sad imagine where the reader is dating fred and she finds out he dead at the battle and george comforts her. Warnings: Fred’s death, injury, sad reader and Weasleys. A/N: ah yes… angst :) I love her.
Refurbished iphone 7 walmartDada (Draco Malfoy x reader) A/N: This one is pretty sure but I definetly imagined Draco as this You nudged Draco, who was lying next to you. He only murmered something and covered his head under the covers. Yes, you married the Draco Malfoy and yes you two had a kid together.See a recent post on Tumblr from @missdawnandherdusk about draco-x-reader. summary: you spend christmas with draco and he shows you what family feels like. fluff. dobby appearance. warnings: bad relationship with parents but nothing actually bad happens.
Draco Malfoy x Reader Request: You’re probably busy, so no rush, but ohhh my gooooood is there any way you could continue that Draco Drabble? 40 and 21, I believe? Only because you had me hooked and now I want to know more
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  • pairing: draco malfoy x slytherin!reader word count: 1.7k. warning: just kinda a cute little short thing u know. summary: draco wakes you up in the middle of the night to go watch the meteor shower
  • Masterlist: Danganronpa x ReaderTrigger Happy Havoc• Cuddling w/ THH Boys HCs • Yandere THH Boys HCs • Blackened x S/O Reader HCs • THH Cast's Reaction to S/O almost being killed HCs • THH Cast x...
  • Draco asks out the reader. Draco narrows his eyes and you can feel the grip of his hand tighten a little. "They wouldn't dare", he mumbles and you run your free hand through the hair on the back of his head, grinning a little brighter, now that you successfully made him jealous.

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I’m Not Happier (Draco Malfoy x Reader) Baby you look happier, you do. Draco doesn’t know why he’s feeling like this. He was the one to end things with you, he was the one who had to witness the hurt...
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Pairings: Draco x reader Taglist: @amurderofcrowsinatrenchcoat @potatothingsz @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch Summary: you and draco are in a secret relationship but you both find out that both of you have a arranged marriage but too who
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Dec 28, 2016 · Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader. Summary: Sequel to ‘Traitors.’ Originally posted by harley-quinn. Author’s Note: This can be read as a stand-alone fic, but there is a preceding oneshot called Traitors. Check it out if you want, but it’s not entirely necessary. It had finally come to this.
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INTO OBLIVION - Chapter Twelve . the sequel to Purist. Originally posted by hogwartsvault. AU Harry Potter Series. Draco Malfoy x Reader. A/N: just want to say a huge thank you to the wonderful @fanficflaneuse for all of her help on this series, you truly are a gem to me ♡ I hope you enjoy this chapter my lovelies.
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Break Me [Draco x Reader, One] A/N: Haha let me start off by saying I honestly don’t believe Draco would be the cheater type, but I love angst and I love Draco so ,,, Also!! Don’t know if anyone would be interested, but I’m probably going to make a separate Hamilton Imagine blog!!
  • Following. Draco In Leather Pants / Comic Books. Go To. The alien symbiotes' "costumes" are emotionally striking in very different ways to different people and it's not fully certain whether they are Draco In Leather Pants, in which the characters' brutal acts are handwaved or rationalized, or Evil Is...
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  • Pairings: Draco x reader Taglist: @amurderofcrowsinatrenchcoat @potatothingsz @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch Summary: you and draco are in a secret relationship but you both find out that both of you have a arranged marriage but too who
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  • Sep 25, 2019 · INCORPOREAL. A Draco x Reader Muggle AU with supernatural elements. HAPPY SPOOKY MONTH! If you want to see details about posting, see THIS.. Y/N is furious with her mother for moving her across the country.
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  • pair: draco malfoy x reader; fred & george weasley x reader (platonic); cedric diggory x reader (platonic) summary: the gang leave for their adventure and y/n recounts the events that lead them to this point. SERIES MASTERLIST. it’s a little short, but I wanted a little backstory before getting into PLOT stuff. Originally posted by ...
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