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  • Nov 01, 2009 · Check out our comprehensive comparison between the various LS3 and L92 camshafts that are currently out in the market. ... Must idle at 950 rpm or preferably less ... but for the sake of timing ...
  • That is kind of backwards from the way you check initial static timing at idle (with the primary zero timing mark on the balancer next to the 12 (or whatever) degree BEFORE mark on the timing tab. Also, the more bottom end you need, or the bigger cam you've got, the more intial advance at idle you should set, up to as much as 16 degrees before TDC.
  • I got the base tune from my kit loaded up which should have the correct information for the injectors and be able to get me running which it did. Now at idle it fluctuates from about 650-850 rpms. Some details on my build: 2014 Camaro SS LS3 manual transmission E38 PCM . Stock cam/internals
  • code display & erase tool and a base spark timing tool. CONNECTING CODEMATE 1) Turn the engine’s ignition switch to the OFF position (engine not running). 2) Locate the engine’s Data Link Connector (DLC). 3) Place CodeMate tool’s test switch in the OFF position and plug the unit into the Data Link Connector. Be sure to slide the CodeMate tool
  • DiabloSport is proud to offer the first hand held tuning solution for the 2011 Camaro SS. Be one of the first people to feel the true power of the 6.2L LS3 with the capabilities of the DiabloSport Predator (Part # U7194) or Trinity (Part # T1000).
  • Oct 07, 2016 · When I used to tune carbureted small blocks, I would up the ignition timing. on an engine with 9.5:1 compression, I could run above 33* of timing, sometimes as high as 36*. My LS3 seems to be only running 21-26* of timing at WOT, with a couple degrees of KR here and there.
  • Chevy Performance LS Crate Engines, 536 Wyoming Ave., Niles, OH 44446 ; My Account. Register; Log In
  • Truck 4.8,5.3,6.0 all used a 5 wire sensor. Yet there is also a difference between Truck and VAN 4.8,5.3,6.0's. So if picking parts from different applications, keep this in mind, and LET ME KNOW, programming is different for each type of mass airflow sensor. I can also adjust for LS3 card style MAF (may require local fine tuning)
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  • I am in the market for an 08 LS3 automatic Z51. I've test driven three and idle quality is bad enough that I'm not going to spend over $50K for a car that runs no better than this. From idle in neutral to about 1500 rpm I detect a random misfire or sputtering. Moving in 6th gear light throttle in the 1200-1400 rpm range you can feel this misfire.
  • If a user does not have a file opened on your storage system, the session is considered idle. By default, Data ONTAP disconnects a session after it has been idle for 30 minutes. If an idle session is disconnected, it will automatically reconnect the next time the client accesses the storage system.
  • MSD 60143 LS Ignition Control - BLACK EditionMSD Part Number 60143LS Ignition ControlOverview:This item is a New item and ships complete from the Factory with a 1 year warranty.The MSD 6014 LS Ignition controller works with 24x/1x, 58x/4x and 58x/1x crank/cam configurations.
  • Feb 15, 2018 · In the end my problems were solved after I realised that the engine needed to be rich, even at light and steady load, until about 1600 rpm. It also needed more light and moderate load timing than i had previously been trying. I ended up with idle and off-idle AFRs of 13.3, and high idle and light cruise AFRs of 13.6.
  • Jun 17, 2010 · For the record, the LS3's torque peak of 420 lb.-ft. is reached at 4600 rpm, whereas the Coyote's 390 lb.-ft. arrives at a lower 4250 rpm, thanks in part to its dual variable valve timing.
  • Since they work well and we had one handy, we decided to use the factory LS3 intake. The factory intake was fed by a 92mm FAST throttle body and eight 89-lb FAST injectors. To ensure the air/fuel and timing values remained consistent for the two cam profiles, we used a FAST XFI management system. Each cam was run with 30 degrees of total timing ...
  • part # hyd stage int exh int exh int exh int exh range idle part# part # american motors v8, 1966-92 290, 304, 343, 360, 390, 401 c.i. mc1786 hyd 2 204 214 280 290 .448 .472 105 115 1500-4000 smooth 2011 b, d comment: good and low mid range torque and pulling power buick v6, 1978-88
  • The popping is a result of the air/fuel mixture becoming very lean when the throttle is closed and the engine is rotating well above idle speed. It is also necessary that the exhaust system have rather open mufflers.
  • GM LS3/L92 alloy cylinder heads with aftermarket beehive springs. Aftermarket roller-cam, GM roller lifters. OEM valve and timing covers. GM LS3 intake manifold. GM OEM pulleys to suit water pump and power steering. GM water pump, high output alternator and power steering pump. GM LS3 Corvette oil pan. GM oil pump and pick-up. GM roller timing set.
  • Aug 07, 2010 · Got the engine started, Fuel is now up to 60psi. The LS won't idle unless I choke about 85% of the air intake. The i get a rough idle but it's the only way to get any idle. When i give it some gas, i need to choke less, say around 50% and it runs smooth at 3K rpm. I put my MAF sensor exactly...
Schwinn 270 resistance adjustmentATI Performance Products manufactures automatic transmissions, torque converters and Super Damper harmonic balancers for racing and high performance use. ATI has over 50 years of transmission, torque converter and performance component manufacturing and drag racing experience. Valve timing @ .006" intake opens @ 28º BTDC Intake closes @ 60º ABDC Exhaust opens @ 76º BBDC Exhaust closes @ 26º ATDC In this example the overlap is 54º (28º+26º) 2) If the seat to seat opening and closing times are not known, the overlap can be calculated using the advertised duration and the Lobe Separation Angle (LSA).
LS3, LS7, LSA, L76, L99; ... rate and individual offset value going above and beyond the industry standards to optimize injector performance from idle all the way up ...
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  • Also, engines with coated pistons need less timing than uncoated pistons that pull heat out of the combustion process. For example, a 383 LT1 that I just built made 477 lbs-ft. of torque and 496 hp on pump gas running only 36° timing using pistons and heads that I coated. Normally, a combination like that would want nearer to 40° advance.
  • Nov 26, 2019 · Learn the ignition timing number. Look for the ruler-style row of numbers on the front of the engine's harmonic balancer (or flywheel), which should have numbers above and below zero. Typically, when your car comes from the manufacturer, ignition base idle timing is set to a manufacture specification before top dead center.
  • Jan 20, 2020 · Turn idle mixture screw in (leaner mixture) until engine speed drops 20 rpm, then turn out 1/4 turn. Disconnect lead at idle stop solenoid (throttle level will rest against regular stopscrew.) Adjust this stopscrew for idle speed of 500 rpm. Do not change setting of idle stop solenoid stopscrew or idle mixture screw.

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The following tables provided by COMP Cams illustrate how variations in lobe separation angle and cam timing affect engine behavior. Engine builders can refer to these characteristics often to determine the likely effect of any cam timing alterations they may contemplate.
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Like it's higher-end predecessors, the Sniper EFI system can control ignition timing. That is a great thing because it really goes a long way in making engines with long-duration cams behave well at idle. We echo Holley's recommendation to first start the engine without Ignition Timing Control.
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The Texas Speed Stage 4 F-35 LS3 camshaft THE choice for those wanting the most powerful camshaft on the market that will still offer adequate piston to valve (PTV) clearance on a stock bottom end. This Stage 4 camshaft is designed fir an all out power assault & proves gains over the stock camshaft beginning at 3,100 RPM.
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Dec 25, 2009 · The dual-equal phaser system has the authority to retard the cam timing by up to 52 crankshaft degrees. The benefits are considerable. The cam phaser changes valve timing on the fly, maximizing engine performance for given demands and conditions. At idle, for example, the cam is at the full advanced position, allowing exceptionally smooth idling.
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GM LS3/L92 alloy cylinder heads with aftermarket beehive springs. Aftermarket roller-cam, GM roller lifters. OEM valve and timing covers. GM LS3 intake manifold. GM OEM pulleys to suit water pump and power steering. GM water pump, high output alternator and power steering pump. GM LS3 Corvette oil pan. GM oil pump and pick-up. GM roller timing set.
  • I have successfully installed the donor LS3/TR6060 into my '68 Camaro and it runs great. The only thing I would like to change is the idle speed. It idles around 1000-1100 and I would like it to be more like 700-800. What is a normal idle rpm of the 435hp LS3?
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  • The 525HP LS3 with the aggressive ASA performance cam will fill the bill. With a tight lobe separation of 110-degrees and 0.525" of lift on both the intake and exhaust, along with 226-degree duration on the intake and 236-degree duration on the exhaust measured at 0.050" - this cam produces superior throttle response and great top end power. The PCM regulates engine intake air at idle with an electronically controlled device called an idle air control (IAC) valve. If air is introduced to the engine that is not regulated by the PCM, it may result in a rough engine idle at cold start and a code P050D being stored.
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  • IIRC the LS9 cam is a 3 bolts style cam like a LS1/LS2 and not a single bolt cam like the LS3 uses but I could be way off on that. It also won't satisfy the OP's desire to have a lopey hot rod idle. LS9 cam is a 211/230 on a 122 LSA if the spec sheet I found is accurate. The stock LS3 cam is 204/211 .551/.525 117.
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  • just wondering what sort of timing people are running with big cams. i have almost 70deg of overlap in a std stroke ls1 with 10.8:1 comp and mild ported heads 3k stall 3.9 diff gears atm timing is about 24 idle 45 at cruise 42 light acceleration 33 heavy acceleration and 29 at wot. there are no signs of knock retard and carnt hear any knock but i have no knock ears every time i add timing it ...
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  • Basic Idle Control using just the VE and Timing tables.
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