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  • The Winchester Model 54 is a bolt-action rifle manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The 54 was the first successful production run civilian centerfire bolt action for Winchester. Using a Mauser 98 -type action, the 54 was a less-expensive derivation of the limited-production handmade Model 51 "Imperial" of 1919.
  • 7.62x54R SVD Dragunov sniper rifle (TIGR 04) & SVDS Paratrooper (TIGR 02) Brand new TIGR 04 sniper rifle is a civilian version of the legendary SVD Dragunov sniping rifle, manufactured by IZHMASH factory. The SVD (Tigr 04) features black plastic furniture inc fixed stock and hand-guards. In accordance with the UK law requirements, this rifle was manufactured as a straight pull / manual operation (single shot) rifle with magazine capacity of 5 or 10 rounds.
  • THE RWS MODEL 54 .22 - WAS $744.13. A totally recoilless air rifle, the RWS Model 54 Air King uses a "floating action", to achieve its maximum accuracy. When this magnum air rifle is fired, the action slides rearward in the stock, absorbing the recoil, and permitting the pellet to exit the barrel before any of the spring vibration affects its travel.
  • CIVIL WAR Antique JAMES MERRILL 1st Type .54 Caliber Percussion CARBINE Issued to NY, PA, NJ, IN, WI, KY & DE Cavalries! ... Antique WINCHESTER Model 1886 Lever ...
  • Rifle & Gun Safes. Firearm storage and security. Product Spotlight. DIRECTOR – 34Hx24Wx18D $ 999.00. LANDMARK – 32Hx20Wx18D $ 679.99. AMERICAN EAGLE – 59Hx26Wx18D
  • The Type-54D Directed Energy Pistol, abbreviated T-54D DEP,1 and more commonly known as the Plasma Pistol, is a Covenant remnants' firearm. 1 Changes from the Type-25 Plasma Pistol 2 Gallery 2.1 Gameplay 3 Appearances 4 Sources Collimators are no longer visible. Rear holographic design different. Stronger. Shots track enemies better in smart scope. More streamlined in design. Single shots now ...
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  • 1 Overview 2 Military Products 2.1 Artillery 2.1.1 Anti-Aircraft Guns 2.1.2 Autocannons 2.1.3 Field Guns 2.2 Firearms 2.2.1 Assault Rifles 2.2.2 Bolt-Action Rifles 2.2.3 Carbines 2.2.4 Designated Marksman Rifles 2.2.5 General Purpose Machine Guns 2.2.6 Heavy Machine Guns 2.2.7 Lever-Action Rifles 2.2.8 Light Machine Guns 2.2.9 Squad Automatic Weapons (SAW) or Light Support Weapon (LSW) 2.2.10 ...
  • Jul 02, 2012 · Ok, so this one has been "Norico'd" Its a true 1956 Type 54 Pistol. It was rearsenaled by norinco to 9mm, but has the original slide with elongated ejection port. The original matching SN is barely visibile on the top of the slide. Rear of the slide was reblued during the pricess. Sadly the hammer group does not match.
  • Tokarev Model 213 Pistol Slide (With Sight) Complete With Extractor
  • rifle scopes red dots binoculars spotting scopes rangefinders night vision & thermal all optics. ... chinese state factories type 54 (sks) good. $900.00. 7.62x39mm semi auto 10 rounds 20" barrel 8 ...
  • Remington 700 rifle. Remington 510, 511 and 512 bolt action 22 rifle. Remington 514 bolt action 22 rifle. Remington Nylon 66 semi auto 22 rifle. Remington Rolling Block rifle. Remington Double Derringer pistol. Rossi: Rossi Model 92 rifle. The same basic design as the Winchester 92.
  • Type 31 60mm mortar: Man-packed: 24”/60cm: 2: 1: 3+ Minimum range 8”/20cm. Firing bombardments: 32”/80cm-1: 6: Type 53 82mm mortar: Man-packed: 24"/60cm: 2: 2: 3+ Minimum range 8"/20cm. Firing bombardments: 40"/100cm-2: 6: Type 53 120mm mortar: Man-packed: 56"/140cm-3: 3+ Recoilless Guns: Type 52 75mm recoilless gun: Man-packed: 24"/60cm ...
  • The Type 54 is the improved version of the Type 51 (Chinese copy of the TT-33) produced after the Korean War. The Type 51 was first adopted in 1951 and produced in Shenyang's Factory 66 using both Russian and Chinese-made parts.
  • Chapters: AK-74, FN FAL, Mosin-Nagant, Comparison of the AK-47 and M16, Heckler & Koch G3, M14 rifle, SKS, L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle, Dragunov sniper rifle, AKM, Type 56 assault rifle, Vz. 58, FAMAS, Howa Type 64, SIG SG 510, PSL, FN Model 1949, Zastava M70, Zastava M76, Pistol Mitralier model 1963/1965, MAS-49 rifle, Vz. 52 rifle, Type 81 ...
  • CHINESE NORINCO TYPE 54 C&R 7.62x25mm PISTOL. 8 rd magazine. with all original CHINESE markings. markings may vary. VERY GOOD TO EXCELLENT SURPLUS CONDITION. YES THIS IS CALIFORNIA LEGAL GUN. MUST SHIP TO A FFL (FIREARMS DEALER) see order info if you don’t know how to order a firearm.
  • AK47 Assault Rifle: 8"/20cm: 2: 1: 6: Full ROF when moving. ... Type 65 82mm recoilless gun: ... Firing bombardments: 48"/120cm-3: 6: Anti-aircraft Guns: Type 54 12 ...
How to fix car speakers cracklingSelect from one of our partner 501c3 organizations below. Add $1 Donation. Put this in a gift bag ($5.00) Series, Three Volleys of rifle musket fire from approximately twelve guns Rifle Musket Volley 01 A + more info ... 54. mp3 wav. Individual rifle musket shots, cut ...
Nov 08, 2020 · Rifle Proficiency — You can wield rifles. Enhancements Crack Shot — Warrior ranged weapon skills gain reduced recharge, and their weapon skill 1 attacks are enhanced. Silent Scope — Gain precision. Gain additional precision while wielding a rifle. Enter stealth when you dodge roll with a rifle equipped. Weapon strength
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  • ATF is a law enforcement agency in the United States’ Department of Justice that protects our communities from violent criminals, criminal organizations, the illegal use and trafficking of firearms, the illegal use and storage of explosives, acts of arson and bombings, acts of terrorism, and the illegal diversion of alcohol and tobacco products.
  • Click on the pictures to read the story of the 2000 lb. bison and the black bear and a 330 lb. boar taken with a Quackenbush .458 cal. air rifle. Each picture links to a different story. American AirgunHunter Adventures in Airguns Airgun hunting in Africa.

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The Type 56 (Chinese: 56式自动步枪; literally; "Type 56 Automatic Rifle") is a Chinese 7.62×39mm rifle. It is a variant of the Soviet-designed AK-47 (specifically Type 3) and AKM rifles. Production started in 1956 at State Factory 66 but was eventually handed over to Norinco and (for a while at least) PolyTech, who continue to manufacture the rifle primarily for export.
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Kalashnikov USA KR9: The KR-9 is a U.S. manufactured 9mm semi-automatic AK style rifle. It is based on the Russian Vityaz-SN submachine gun, has a 16.25" barrel and accepts 30 round double stack Kalashnikov USA magazines. The KR-9 comes with a skeletonized style metal side folding stock, hinged top cover with attached Picatinny rail. and a .5 -28 threaded flash suppressor.
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Assault Rifle G3A3 & G3P4 (Produced in Auto and Semi Auto irreversible versions) Automatic Rifle G3A3, cal 7.62mm x 51 NATO is a modern rifle combining the accuracy of a sniper rifle with the fire power of a machine gun. It is produced in accordance with the most advanced manufacturing methods. The rifle is
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The Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol (Type-25 DEP), also known as the Plasma Pistol, is a Covenant infantry firearm. It is the most commonly encountered Covenant energy weapon. While weak on its own, the Plasma Pistol has a wide variety of functions and becomes deadly in large numbers. Source: Halopedia: Directed Energy Pistol Type-54 Plasma Pistol
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Type 54 available in 12 and 25mm depth. Approx 48mm wide and 148mm long. Holes approx 80mm centres. Screws not included. Type 68 is vented with 30mm depth, Approx 48mm wide and 148mm long. Screwholes approx 80mm centres. Screws included; All pads oversized to allow cutting/grinding to fit acccordingly
  • A very scarce accessory set for the K98 rifle, consisting of Grenade launcher, sight, spanner, leather case, (1) INERT anti-tank round and (2) INERT high explosive rounds. The launcher is gray with lots of pitting and WaA869 marked.
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  • May 24, 2013 · Translates to Type 56 carbine, not to be confused with Type 56 rifle which was assigned to the AK47. Location of the 3 Chinese characters: - Factory 26, from 1956-1961, had no Chinese characters . eg: 1234567 /26\ . - Factory 26, from 1962-1970 and 1979-1980, located between the factory code and the serial numbers. eg: /26\ *** 12,345,678 . Click on the pictures to read the story of the 2000 lb. bison and the black bear and a 330 lb. boar taken with a Quackenbush .458 cal. air rifle. Each picture links to a different story. American AirgunHunter Adventures in Airguns Airgun hunting in Africa.
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  • This is a Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle, which means it’s powered by a spring and needs to be cocked for each shot. It’s fast, clean, economical and easily maintained; it requires no gas or batteries to operate.
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  • Chinese Type 54 Tokarev Pistol, 7.62x25 Caliber, Semi-Auto By Norinco (North China Industries) Very Good to Excellent Condition. 8 + 1 Capacity - C & R Eligible - These are in really nice condition, See extended description plus images and video for full details.
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  • New Enfield L59A1 No4 Drill Rifle (WWII MKI) ... New China Type 54 (PPS-43) 2170720 ... New AKMS Type 56-1 AK 47. 17040239
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